Wednesday 13 August 2014

About Us

Gender Justice and Child Rights Club is an initiation by Amity Law School Noida with an aim to sensitize the people around us on gender inequality which is very much prevalent in our society. Achieving gender equality is important to let men and women have equal opportunities, rights and obligations both in their private and public lives. A number of activities and events organised by this club are lined up in months to come which will make this journey an interesting one. Join us in this endeavour and be a part of this change.

Indian society has always been regarded as a patriarchal society where women are given secondary citizen status. And yet, women constitute half of mankind. Thus, they should enjoy equal rights as their male counterparts. The Constitution of India does not discriminate on the basis of sex; however, gender equality still remains a far-fetched dream.
Similarly, children are the future of any country. The development of children is directly related to women. The issue of gender and children cannot be divorced from each other. An educated, healthy and empowered mother is the key factor of a child’s life. It is our responsibility as citizens, global citizens and parents to ensure that every child in India and in the world enjoy a violation and violence free childhood.

“Initiative for Gender Justice and Child Rights” was set up in July 2013 under the flagship of Centre for Law & Public Policy in the Amity Law School, Noida with following objectives:
1. Awareness building on violence, health, education, development and other issues critical for women’s individual and collective empowerment;
2. Dissemination of information and knowledge on feminist concerns to meet the needs and requirements of women’s groups, NGOs and development organizations;
3. Creating awareness regarding child rights like the rights against child abuse, malnutrition, female foeticide, child labour, child maltreatment and sexual abuse, child trafficking as well as collaborating with various government and non-government organizations working in this direction;
4. To focus on intersections with race, ethnicity and social class existing within the issue of gender and child rights.
5. To focus on the commitment to advance the personal, intellectual and social growth of all students, faculty and staff.

6. To make our campus, our city and our country a safe and inclusive space for all men, women and children.

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